Madeleine Knighton by Robin Gautier
Editorial feature by Photographer Robin Gautier Featured in Kaltblut Magazine.
The concept photographer Robin Gautier wanted was inspired by German expressionist films like the cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Featuring a heavily distorted sense of perspective, and walls that were almost like paper.
Materials used were simple studwork timber and felt canvas, the initial idea had been to paint windows and doorways onto the canvas with black paint, but after constructing and stretching the fabric over the frames we noticed light passing through the back of the canvas created an interesting illusion of shadow shapes that almost looked like flat graphic shapes that had been painted on. Robin found this to be an interesting effect and decided to drop the black paint in the finals.
In order to get a better sense of the kind of proportions and scale needed a series of 3D concepts were put together before constructing the set.
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Photography by Robin Gautier.​​​​​​​
Styling by Marina German. 
Model is Madeleine Knighton, signed to Established. 
Makeup and hair by Inga Kunigonyte.
Set concept Maxwell Correia @ PS Productions
Build Maxwell Correia & Johnny Sheldrick @ PS Productions
Build BTS
Final images featured in Kaltblut Magazine
A collection of set design & build work

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